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Tumut is located in a valley, between the Blowering Mountains, Goobarragandra River valley and the rolling hills leading towards Gundagai.

Goobarragandra River

The river rises on the northwestern side of the Fiery Range in the Snowy Mountains at 1,330 metres (4,360 ft) and flows generally north-west, joined by five minor tributaries towards its mouth at the confluence with the Tumut River at Tumut; dropping 1,060 metres (3,480 ft) over the course of the river’s length of 56 kilometres (35 mi).

The river flows through the town of Goobarragandra; and the Hume and Hovell Walking Track follows the river for a short duration, about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) south of Tumut.

There are large waterfalls and rapids along this river. There are “camping” spots along the Goobarragandra River as well.

Tumut Town Explorers

  • Tumut’s modern history became public when explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell came across a lush green valley, through which meandered a large river, in November 1824.
  • The first settlement was Mill Angle and the first bridge over the river was built in 1850. A flood two years later consolidated the various hamlets into one village and Tumut as it is today was born.

Article source: Wikipedia.

Here is a list of information regarding Tumut history.

  • Tumut Post Office opened 1 January 1849.
  •  A public hospital opened in the town in 1900.
  • After many years of lobbying by the local community, construction of the railway line from Gundagai began in 1901, reaching Tumut by 1903 with the first train arriving on 2 December that year.
  • A further extension was built to Batlow and Kunama from a junction at Gilmore, a few kilometers southwest of Tumut.
  • Train services were progressively reduced in the early 1980s before the final trains to Cootamundra ran in January 1984 before being suspended when flood damage to the line was deemed not economical to repair”.
  • Tumut was one of the ten areas short-listed in 1908 as a site for the Australian Capital Territory.
  • Other locations that were short-listed include Albury, Armidale, Bombala, Dalgety, Lake George, Orange, Tooma, Lyndhurst, and Yass-Canberra.
  • An earlier vote following inspections of potential sites in 1902 saw the new Federal House of Representatives vote in favor of Tumut as the location for the capital, however, the Senate favored Bombala so no consensus was reached”.

Article source: Wikipedia.

Choices You Face When Picking Golf Clubs

With so many new types of golf clubs hitting the market every year, it is an understatement to say that it can be a challenge to pick new clubs. If you are new to the world of golfing, you will be shocked at the sheer number of options that you will have when picking your clubs. Everything about it can be changed and customized to fit your own needs. Choosing the right golf club is very important in order to ensure that your money is well-spent and your game will hopefully improve as a result of the new clubs. Therefore you should pay attention to the following factors when trying to choose the right golf clubs.

Some would argue that the most important part of the golf club is the shaft. This is the metal rod that connects the grip to the head. You can change many things about this, including the length and the density. Usually, you will have learned to golf with clubs that have certain properties, so you may want to stick with these. However, if you are fine with coping in order to improve your game then you may find it worth it to completely grow accustomed to a new style of golf club. There are many different ways to find the correct length and density for you, and you should pay attention to all of them.

The size of the head is also a very important factor in your purchase (and your swing of whatever clubs you end up purchasing). The smaller it is, the more control you will have over it. However, the larger it is, the more you are able to hit the ball since there is a larger area available on the side of the club. The type you choose can also affect your swinging since different materials have significantly different weights and feel. Give each of them a test swing before you commit to any size, so that you know what you’re dealing with for every single type.

The handle of the club is another important part. You will probably be faced with a few different choices, and hopefully, you will be given the chance to try out a few of them before you make up your mind. The handle should be comfortable to grip, but you should always make sure that it allows you to grip it tight enough so that it doesn’t fly out of your hands when you make your swing. If your palms tend to sweat more than the average person’s, then you might look for something that can combat this more effectively. It all depends on your personal needs.

Last but certainly not least, you will want to carefully consider the cost of the clubs that you are looking at. If you are not much of a player and you only go out for the occasional casual game, then you don’t want to spend an obscene amount of money on your clubs. However, if you are looking to improve your game to the best of your ability and perhaps play in tournaments, then a nice set of clubs could be a worthwhile investment. Just consider how much you think they can help you, and how much time you will be spending using them to make sure that it is worth the money.

All of the things mentioned so far will play a huge role in your choice. If you visit a decent club store and speak with them about all of the things you are looking for in a golf club set, they can probably help you greatly in narrowing down the specifications of what you are looking for. Try out as many clubs as you can, and don’t settle until you have experimented with all of your options. This will lead to you choosing the best golf clubs possible.

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